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Dropshipping and multichannel integration

Are you a Dropshipper or do you want to become one?

MisterDrop helps you to completely automate all the management of your e-commerce, saving your time and money!

With MisterDrop you forget the problems of product research, warehouse and shipping, unexpected customs fees or quality that does not meet your expectations. Our platform automates every process: from the online loading of the products you have selected with high quality images and detailed descriptions, order management, payment, fulfillment and shipping, to the delivery of your product to your customer.

A dedicated Store Manager will follow you in all your needs.

Over 15,000 Products

Over 15,000 Products divided into 20 categories are always updated and ready for delivery. Advanced search filters to facilitate the identification of the products to be published on your site; you can also subscribe to the free news service in order to be always updated on the new products

Multi-channel platform

Multi-channel platform compatible with Shopify, Magento, eBay, Amazon for an immediate connection with your e-shop. Our technical staff will follow you for free for integration into your online shop and, if your platform is not among those provided, we will find with you the best solution to work together.

Dedicated multilingual store manager

thanks to our dedicated service in English, Italian, Russian, and Chinese, there is no language barrier. You will be offered weekly if you are interested, in an updated marketing plan designed for the profile of your customers.

Quality control before shipment

Quality control before shipment. Our specialized team will check the exact correspondence of the goods you ordered before shipping in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and unnecessary waste of time.

Immediate tracking of the order

The MisterDrop platform will automatically send the tracking number for easy service control.

Shorter processing times

Thanks to our 24/7 open logistics and the speed of China-on-China bank flows, order processing times are significantly reduced for greater customer satisfaction

Product customization (MOQ)

Your brand has a value! With a minimum quantity and without additional costs you can make the product unique.

No agreement with couriers

Our best shipping rates, thanks to over 70,000,000 (seventy million) annual shipments, will be extended to your business.

Finally you can only deal with what you like best:
the marketing promotion of your site.
MisterDrop takes care of the rest!