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Product research and development

Do you need to find an item to complete the range of your products or do you have an idea of products that you want to introduce into your business and you can't find it?

Our research and development service is what you need!

Contact the Store Manager dedicated to you, provide a precise description of the item you are looking for, a forecast of your consumption and our team will work for you! Thanks to our direct contact with over 1,500 factories, we will be able to provide you with the quotation for the items you are looking for in a very short time; in this way you will be able to have the product that cannot be found at a better price or the article created by you made in series.

Network of over 1,500 factories

Over 20 product categories.
Trendy products immediately available.

Our access to research centers

The factories Research and Development departments will assist you in the engineering of your projects.

Product certification

In addition to the standard market certifications, our team can assist you in the certification of the main world quality marks (Ce - UL - Csa, TŰV, N).

Project development

If you only have the "idea" and not the project in detail, our R&D office can do it for you, by optimizing industrial production costs.

MisterDrop is the right solution for you!