MisterDrop for Companies and Brand

Import: from factories directly to your customers or in your warehouse

Why MisterDrop:

with over 1,500 factories

precise, clear and punctual

Italia, Cina and Russia

for the purchase of products

Companies and Brand: Business Model

1. Product research and development

Do you need to find a product to complete your range or do you have an idea of products that you want to introduce into your business and that you can't find?

Contact our dedicated Store Manager, provide a precise description of the item you are looking for and a forecast of your consumption and our team will get to work for you!

Thanks to our direct contact with over 1,500 factories, we will be able to provide you the quotation for the items you are looking for in a very short time; so you will be able to have the product that cannot be found at a better price or the product designed by you and produced in series.

2. Import of products in stock

MisterDrop is a unique and reliable partner for obtaining the best quality / price ratio for the purchase of products and for import services.

  • Promotional products
  • Incentive campaign
  • Corporate gadgets
  • Products under your brand
  • Products to complete your range


3. Shipping and customs procedures

Our office in China is able to offer you a precise, clear and punctual transport service based on your needs (Air, Sea, Train).

All stages of order preparation will be monitored and filmed so that you can be sure that the product you requested is actually what you will receive.



4. MisterDrop Warehouses
(China – Italia – Russia)

Do you want to buy your products at the best price, but you don't have a physical warehouse where you can store the goods

Contact Store Manager dedicated to you, together you will evaluate the items and quantities. We will take care of all customs procedures and deliver to your customers piece by piece. With us you will always have the updated situation about your stock, in REAL TIME!

Why choose MisterDrop

Immediate order tracking

MisterDrop will automatically send the tracking of order shipments for easy service control.

Shorter processing times

Thanks to our open logistics h.24 / 7 days a week and the speed of China-China bank flows, the order processing times are significantly reduced.

Product customization (MOQ)

Your brand has a value! With a minimum quantity and without additional costs you can make the product unique.

The best agreements with couriers

Thanks to over 70 million annual shipments, our best logistics agreements with the best shipping rates will be at your disposal for your business.

Finally the import of products and the selection of suppliers
have never been easier!