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How to capitalize on your fan base with Dropshipping Solutions

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Influencer: Business Model

Are you an Influencer?

The Influencer is an opinion leader with charisma, authority, competence, capacity for involvement and persuasion, who earns by spreading and amplifying promotional messages on behalf of:

  • Companies - direct contracts / affiliations
  • Brand - direct contracts / affiliations
  • Himself - own merchandising - selling selected products

The task of the Influencer is in fact to influence its community of followers on the various social networks (such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn ...).

Capitalize on your fan base MisterDrop and Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a sales model, where the retailer sells a product to the customer, without actually having it in his warehouse.

MisterDrop automates every process:
  • Loading products (high quality images)
  • Order management
  • Order preparation
  • Evasion and shipping
  • Delivery to your customer

Time to market

MisterDrop follows the entire process of the influencer marketing campaign: from the creative idea to the final reporting.

  1. Idea
  2. Product Scouting
  3. Contract
  4. Technological setup,Payment systems, Integration with Misterdrop
  5. Content creation, approval and calendar
  6. Monthly analysis of campaigns


MisterDrop tool for direct sales on social networks.

Sales Page

A sales page is a web page with the main objective of selling a product

Instagram (Tag)

Instagram connects the product in the store to the Instagram company profile and tag products in posts and stories.


It is possible to show your products on your Facebook page using the Facebook showcase.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger sales channel to allow customers to shop directly from Messenger conversations.

Services for Influencer

Product research

Impress your followers with ever new products. Direct contact with more than 1,500 factories.

Test new products

Possibility to test new products before proposing them to your followers.

Products and packaging with your brand

Product customization service: your brand creates value.

Feee warehouse

Free warehouse for your branded products (China / Italy)

Sales platform

Catalog of over 15,000 products. Automatic tracking, advice on: sales conditions / cookies / F.a.q.

Market evaluation & Data analysis

Saturation, price, competitor. Analysis of sales data by channel.

MisterDrop is the right solution for Influencer Marketing