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Off-360 and HoodiePro

22 June 2020

HoodiePro represents a very interesting case of how MisterDrop is able to follow every aspect of the “Private Label”.
From the research of the product, through the idea itself, to the personalization, promotion and marketing. We had a chat with Anastasia, creator of HoodiePro and CEO of Off-360 (sportswear), who in February contacted us with an original and innovative idea.

Hi Anastasia, how did the idea of ​​HoodiePro come about?
In a very spontaneous way, during the early stages of the lockdown in Italy, I immediately realized how even our image would be destined to change radically due to the obligation to wear the mask as an individual protection device.
I live and work in Milan (one of the most affected cities in the world since Covid-19) and already in mid-March the obligation to wear it came into force in my region.
Let’s face it: it is very important to wear it but both style and comfort are a little sacrificed. Dealing with fashion design, I immediately thought of how to wear it while maintaining your own style, or… creating your own style!
Hence the idea of ​​a unisex sweatshirt with integrated mask pocket. A fun, fashion and innovative way to wear your PPE.

How has MisterDrop helped you?
After two sleepless nights of planning and many doubts, I invited some sketches, a collage of photos and the textual brief of the idea to my e-commerce manager. He replied interested and we have fixed the first call (seeing each other was already impossible due to the restrictive rules of social distancing). After an in-depth research, it was immediately understood that the product itself did not exist but the MisterDrop staff made themselves available with a series of suggestions for developing a prototype together. In short: MisterDrop immediately believed in the potential of my idea and actually chose to produce it for my brand.

Together we defined the lateral design, the choice of the mask, the finishes and we actually devised a prototype with the advice of a Chinese factory specialized in sportswear.

In less than two weeks I had in my hands a first model with which the Marketing MisterDrop staff started thinking about a marketing plan to launch the product.

In less than three weeks from a simple idea “HoodiePro – the first sweatshirt with integrated washable mask” was born.

Do you think that the “Private Label” is actually an added value for the Dropshipper?
I am definitely new to the world of Dropshipping and I never imagined that “Drophipping” meant this too. Surely your brand on a product makes it unique and I therefore recommend to all small entrepreneurs, who are coming to this new business, that the key lies in the in-depth knowledge of the products they offer. Only by knowing and strongly believing in a product can it be communicated to an audience in an engaging way. In my case it was not just a matter of “branding” (Off-360 on such a product as well as an added value for the customer is a pride for me!) But also of a product research and development process that with my means I would not have been able to manage in such a short time.

Are you satisfied with MisterDrop and HoodiePro?
Absolutely yes! The number of sales and satisfied customers testifies to the quality of the product and the idea that I wanted to convey. A series of tips regarding pricing and positioning have also proved very useful. After a phase of direct sales to the consumer of the product from my Off-360 store, for a few weeks HoodiePro has entered the MisterDrop catalog in all respects and already various companies and influencers are selling it or are very interested in the sweatshirt.

MisterDrop is definitely an evolution of dropshipping!